VomMiddleburg Rottweilers is a North Florida Kennel, breeding top German Pedigree Rottweilers. We are conveniently located near Jacksonville, Daytona Beach and other cities in Florida as well as locations in Georgia.

We raise German rottweilers. We have gotten dogs from top breeders in Germany and around the U.S. Our puppies have tree trunk bodies ,nice heads and are correct in standard type.

We show our Rottweilers whenever possible.

If you are looking for a Rottweiler puppy please call us at 904-449-4944 or email at vmrott[at]gmail.com. If you are looking for a imported puppy from Germany, We can also help.

Our Rottweilers bloodlines include many Hall of Fame dogs,such as Balou Von Silberlick, ,Dingo and Norris Vom Gruntenblick, Rick Von Burgthann, Elvis von der Muhbachstrasse, Lewis Vom Kummelsee, Jumbo vom Kummelsee, Quex vom Kummelsee and many other Kummelsee dogs. as well as many other all time great rottweilers.

History: A little history on the rottweiler.The modern rottweilers were brought to southern Germany nearly 2000 years ago by the roman armies. They were used to haul supply carts.They were also used to herd.The name rottweiler traces its name to the town of Rottweil.The rottweiler breed was introduced in the U.S around 1910.